Exposed in Darkness Releases January 10!

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I feel like I've been writing romantic suspense since I began this writing journey. All of my young adult books are both romantic and suspenseful, and the majority of my readers are adults. So, I truly don't feel like Exposed in Darkness is a huge departure from what I've normally released into the world. In other words, I think my current readers will enjoy my latest book.

The biggest difference between my previous young adult books and Exposed in Darkness is that Exposed's main characters are all adults. Oh, and no one in Exposed was cloned by insane doctors... that I know of... yet...

Exposed is the first in the series. It's about a former FBI agent who is lured back to the Bureau because she wants information about her husband's death, but she also wishes to save her husband's brother, the Governor of Kentucky, from a bioterrorism attack. She meets Declan O'Roark, who is suspected of having something to do with the biological weapon used in the attack, and she spends the majority of book 1 trying to decide if Declan is a smooth, handsome Irishman who's in Kentucky for the horses and the bourbon, or if he is the mastermind behind a deadly biological plan to kill thousands of Kentuckians.

I hope you'll give Exposed in Darkness a try. I'm made it easy for you. You don't have to purchase the entire book to try it. Simply download the excerpt first (available now). If you like it, come back and purchase the entire copy. Exposed in Darkness will be available for purchase on January 10, 2017.